we won good design award 2023!

f/p design won good design award 2023 with two products for murata manufacturing and azbil corporation.

murata manufacturing

new cpap device

murata manufacturing introduces a groundbreaking cpap (continuous positive airway pressure) device. the main unit efficiently regulates and delivers a consistent airflow, ensuring stress-free breathing, while the base unit is equipped with a humidifier for enhanced comfort.


this design not only offers superb portability for off-site treatment but also ensures optimal comfort for in-home use.
the product’s minimalist surface design, devoid of unnecessary protrusions, serves a dual purpose. firstly, it prevents the accumulation of contaminants, making it an ideal choice for medical institutions where hygiene control is paramount. secondly, murata’s cutting-edge ultra-compact technology results in a space-efficient design that effortlessly fits bedside spaces. the thoughtful arrangement of the display, user touchpoints, and movable parts enhances the device’s user-friendliness, offering an intuitive and seamless operation experience.

photo by akito goto
more information about the award | en jp

azbil corporation

sapphire capacitance diaphragm gauge v8c

good design award jury’s evaluation:


„its precise design proves a thorough attention down to the minute details. the straight-form elements and organized ventilation slits enhance a sense of precision as a measuring device and give the product an appropriate identity. additionally, a 40% size reduction compared to conventional products shows the manufacturer’s considerations for freedom of installation and environment. the design appropriately renders the product’s fundamental performance of a high standard and trust for the brand.“

photo by takafumi ueno
more information about the award | en jp