going beyond with ai

on october 24, andreas huber presented a keynote at steelcase, a global workplace design company that launched their lightest chair so far, karman. during the event, he discussed the potential of ai for innovation from a designer’s perspective. using gpt-4 and dall-e3, he created images and text aimed at a visualization with an impression of the steelcase’s chair and generating content for the keynote.⁠

this exploration revealed certain challenges, such as the lack of spatial imagination and 3d export and limited evaluation and analytics opportunities. however, andreas suggests that ai presents significant opportunities for research, inspiration, initial visualization, and process automation. these advancements not only save time but also reduce costs for designers and their clients.⁠

ai will be an additional tool in the design process, just like a pen or cad-software. its integration will not only make designer’s job more efficient and cost-effective but also contribute new ways for creativity.⁠

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