home design

f/p design has many years of experience developing home design products. we create highly functional furniture and household appliances that provide a comfortable living environment.

home automation

after a hectic working day, a return home should bring the utmost comfort. with smart design, furniture will fulfil basic human needs in the most efficient and non-obtrusive way, automating household routine and creating more free time for friends and family.

modular functionality

since the world population grows every day, there will be less living space in the future. as designers, we must develop home technologies and furniture that will be able to fulfil several functions and offer a broad spectrum of applications.


minimalistic long-lasting design and architecture make home more functional and elegant. clear and basic forms create calm atmosphere and visually enlarge the living space.

our home design works

let’s discuss your goals together

we identify the potential of your idea and make you an individual offer for a tailored home design.
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