design consulting

f/p design shares knowledge and expertise with your company to develop your in-house design team and support you in brand development. we offer professional design consulting and conduct workshops on various topics, from life-centered design to design thinking, and ensure that your brand reflects the corporate identity on all levels.


our goal is to develop your design skills and reach your full potential. we support you in realizing your ideas and successfully implementing your design projects.


our founder, fritz frenkler, has many years of experience in design education as a professor of the former chair for industrial design at the technical university of munich (tum). since october 2020 he is emeritus of excellence in the senior excellence faculty.

examples of design consulting:


  • innovations on three levels (topic, product, process)
  • innovations in early phases
  • design-oriented scaling of start-ups
  • environmentally-friendly design
  • bringing together products and services
  • human-centred design / life-centred design
  • design thinking
  • brand development