design consulting

f/p design shares knowledge, expertise, and vision not only through our products but also by organising workshops and seminars in specific design topics for other people and companies. our president, prof. fritz frenkler, has a vast experience in design education as a full professor of the former chair of industrial design at the technical university of munich (tum). since october 2020, he has been emeritus of excellence in the senior excellence faculty.


regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional, each educational session is tailored according to your wishes and points of interest and contains both theoretical and practical material. the duration depends on your wishes starting from 60 minutes and extending for up to a whole course. corresponding documentation will be always made available.

examples of topics:


  • innovations on three levels (topic, product, process)
  • innovations in early phases
  • design-oriented scaling of start-ups
  • environmentally-friendly design
  • bringing together products and services
  • human-centred design
  • design thinking
  • user experience design (ux)