transportation design

as the new environment protection laws are being enacted all over the world, designers must take responsibility for developing more sustainable, flexible, and efficient transportation systems. f/p design strives for bringing innovation to the mobility sector that will make our world a better place.

flexible mobility

with the cities becoming more and more overcrowded, the core topic of the automotive innovation should be space-saving technologies. one of the solutions can be found in the platform design which allows for higher flexibility and convertibility.

controllable traffic

in order to correctly manage the traffic and avoid overcrowded streets as well as empty-running buses and trains, public transport should become more flexible. that can be accomplished through smaller but modular transportation units, convertible seating solutions, and smart booking applications.


designers must always investigate new trends in the society and industry. the future of transportation design lies in the exploration of self-driving technologies, greener and safer resources, and higher longevity standards.

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