brand design

a consistent brand design is one of the most important foundations for brand awareness and the success of a company and its products. f/p design offers qualitative brand and competitor analyses, brand development workshops, creation of corporate design manuals and develops customised design strategies and design languages ​​to convey your corporate identity.


our design process undergoes several phases of research, conception, development and implementation. each phase is optional and selectable on request. we offer a free consultation to discuss individual brand development needs.

related work

phases of a project

phase 0 : research

  • company analysis (history, mission, vision, values, guiding principles, corporate design)
  • portfolio analysis (product and service, sales and marketing materials)
  • environment analysis (competitors, society, ecological factors, technology)
  • interview with the management team and related employees


phase 1 : conception

  • planning and implementation of workshops
  • moderating the process of defining missions, visions as well as company strategies
  • development of a corporate personality as a basis for corporate identity concepts
  • development of corporate identity (ci) concepts for differentiation
  • documentation and presentation of the results

phase 2 : development

  • revision and detailing of the selected corporate identity concept
  • creation of new design dna
  • documentation and presentation of the results


phase 3 : implementation

  • verification of compliance with the corporate identity
  • redesign and adaptation of the existing product and service portfolio to the defined design dna
  • creation of new products and services based on the defined design dna (product design, ux and ui design, service design)


further cooperation:

  • supervising with operation and retention of the defined corporate design
  • update and extension of the style guide
  • regular support meetings