communication design

communication media with a strong corporate design underline the corporate identity of a company and help to achieve a clear recognition value. f/p design offers services such as graphic design, animation design, web design and the design of advertising material for online and print. 


our design process undergoes several phases of research, conception, development and implementation. each phase is optional and can be selected upon request. we offer the first consultation for free to determine what your project requires.

communication design references

phases of a project

phase 0 : research and design strategy

  • company and portfolio analysis (design strategy, corporate design, design dna)
  • environment analysis (competitors, society, ecological factors, technology)
  • context of use (goals, target audiences, tasks, processes, requirements)
  • definition of the communication design requirements


phase 1 : design conception

  • development of design concepts
  • creation of visualisations and drawings
  • documentation and presentation of the results

phase 2 : design development

  • revision and detailing of the selected design concept
  • creation of renderings, illustrations, charts, infographics, etc
  • creation of design data


phase 3 : design implementation

  • delivery of final data for print and/or digital media
  • ensuring the accessibility of the generated documents
  • quality control for the implemented media
  • verification of conformity to the corporate design