product design

modern product design has to meet a variety of requirements. f/p design supports companies in translating product requirements and standards into sustainable options for different markets. we develop your ideas from the first design sketch through visualisation to the design model and optionally to series production.


our design process undergoes several phases of research, conception, development and implementation. each phase is optional and selectable on request. we offer a free consultation to analyse your project and provide you with the best possible individual offer.

product design references

phases of a project

phase 0 : research and design strategy

  • company and portfolio analysis (corporate identity, corporate design, design dna)
  • environment analysis (competitors, society, ecological factors, technology)
  • context of use (goals, target audiences, tasks, processes, technical requirements)
  • definition of the design strategy with specific product requirements 


phase 1 : design conception

  • development of product design concepts
  • ergonomic and formal verification of the design concepts using simple models (mockups)
  • documentation and presentation of the results

phase 2 : design development

  • revision and detailing of the selected design concept
  • examination of basic construction and creation of 3d cad-data
  • definition of cmf (color, material, finish) and graphic indications
  • creation of design models and, if necessary, functional models
  • creation of technical drawings
  • documentation and presentation of the results


phase 3 : design implementation

  • support in the creation of prototypes
  • presentation of the prototypes
  • quality control of the construction based on technical data
  • support and adjustments for production

further cooperation:

  • graphic design and layout for the creation of brochures, operating instructions and advertising materials
  • creation of product and transportation packaging
  • directions on designing a product photoshoot
  • creation of animation for marketing
  • future improvements of the product or its elements