if design award 2023 for cream packaging

f/p design developed packaging for the day and night cream made by the german skincare company, gezeiten (which means “tide” in english). the minimalist, sustainable, and simply beautiful jars can be refilled and serve as a decorative element in your home. this is a zero-waste packaging solution that won if design award 2023.


when approaching the design of this product, we found inspiration in the natural world. the stones become smooth and polished by the constant lapping of waves and the gentle erosion of sand. we sought to bring this sense of softness and organic beauty into our design. 


on the other hand, as the product is industrially manufactured, we incorporated symmetry. the jar features an elegant lid that rests atop a larger container holding the cream. the lid and container share the same soft, rounded shape that evokes the gentle curves of a polished stone. 


the softness of the design speaks to the smoothness of the cream contained within. we wanted to create a sense of luxurious indulgence and comfort, like the feeling of being enveloped in a seaside sanctuary. the result is a product that is both elegant and approachable, modern yet timeless. we believe that this design captures the essence of natural beauty and translates it into a product that is sure to delight and inspire.

design sketch by fritz frenkler

“the aesthetics of the packaging reflect gezeiten’s aspirations and passion for a perfect product, perfect brand experience”.


read about our zero-waste packaging design on the if design award 2023 website.

photo credit: gezeiten

about gezeiten:


“gezeiten (eng. the tides) combines pioneering biotechnology with a deep understanding of the evolutionary origins of the human species to create high efficiency skincare that works in harmony with the body’s circadian rhythm and the skin’s natural microbiome.


founded on the chronobiological method, gezeiten’s skincare approach is rooted in the skin’s cellular rhythms, key to fundamental processes including protection, rest & recharge and the stem cell activity responsible for skin repair and regeneration.


developed and made in germany, gezeiten uses high potency biotech and sustainably-sourced and -farmed natural ingredients to create transformative skincare treatments”.