laboratory design for the pathos ecosystem

the pathos ecosystem by inveox is a comprehensive automated pre-analytical system for the optimisation of pathology processes. our design of sample registration module (srm), cassette marking module (cmm), and sample transfer module (stm) offers great usability combined with modern and consistent aesthetics. 


the system is designed to be adaptable and customisable, catering to the needs of various medical and laboratory professionals. the modular functionality of each piece allows for gradual implementation based on individual requirements. labs can choose the right modules and easily order additional ones as needed, optimising the workflow and automating sample processing. flexibility and efficiency become core principles of the whole system. 

inveox is a medical device manufacturing company that specialises in automating and digitising histopathology labs. their goal is to provide faster, safer, and more reliable cancer diagnoses. their product portfolio offers a range of solutions for processing, tracking, tracing, auditing, and diagnosing tissue samples from cancer patients. by replacing traditional manual methods with their innovative technology, inveox helps labs increase profitability and efficiently manage large-scale information.