„teaching graphic design“: exploring design education

f/p design is pleased to introduce a new book for pedagogy in design — „teaching graphic design“ edited by sven ingmar thies and including an interview with fritz frenkler. this work is a treasure trove for design educators, students, and practicing designers, aiming to enrich their pedagogical and professional pursuits.


„teaching graphic design“ is a comprehensive examination of sustainable teaching practices, offering invaluable insights into creating a more conscious approach to pedagogy and encouraging collaborative reflection between educators and learners. the book emphasises active listening, fostering learners‘ experiences and discoveries, and enhancing growth through shared reflection.


the volume offers an interdisciplinary compilation of 24 interviews with distinguished design educators from austria, china, germany, japan, the uk, and the usa. additionally, it includes 12 project briefings, equipping readers with practical challenges and nuanced insights. crucially, the book extends thoughtful recommendations for navigating the initial phases of classroom engagement.



  • katrin androschin– strategic design, berlin
  • masayo ave– sensory experience design, berlin
  • paulus m. dreibholz– typography, vienna
  • fritz frenkler– industrial design, berlin
  • nikolaus hafermaas– transmedia design, pasadena
  • brigitte hartwig– communication design, dessau
  • jianping he– poster art and visual language, hangzhou
  • michael hohl– design theory, dessau
  • gesche joost– design methods, berlin
  • katsuya kato– design basics and media, tokyo
  • ruth mateus-berr– didactics, vienna
  • kei matsushita– visual communication, tokyo
  • johanna pirker– game design, game development and social media technologies, graz
  • rathna ramanathan– typography and graphic communication design, london
  • leeann renninger– expert in adult learning, new york
  • ichiro saga– typography and design history, tokyo
  • stefan sagmeister– graphic design, new york
  • kashiwa sato– design thinking, tokyo
  • yasuhiro sawada– graphic design, tokyo
  • mathilde scholz– integrated design, dessau
  • matthias spaetgens– conception, vienna
  • erik spiekermann– information design, berlin
  • takeshi sunaga– information design, tokyo
  • toshio yamagata– graphic design and design management, tokyo


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