lubrina 2: fast and reliable sanitary operation

lubrina 2 guarantees simple and optimal daily maintenance of dental handpieces. now the device is also available on the european market.


together with morita, one of the most important manufacturers of medical-technical products worldwide, f/p design has extensively revised the design of lubrina in terms of functionality and aesthetics.


lubrina 2 automatically performs maintenance (lubrication and cleaning) of handpieces which are essential for daily practice of dentists and assistants. since the lubrication amount and service time suitable for each handpiece are programmed into lubrina 2, it can automatically perform maintenance of up to four handpieces in a short time. the clean air-blow system implements lubrication and cleaning of the inside of the handpiece thoroughly and delivers highly consistent maintenance across varying staff which can occur during manual lubrication.


lubrina 2 presents itself in clear aesthetic and dna of morita. the standardization of the icons makes it easier to use the device. at the same time, the reduced design and color scheme ensure straightforward and error-proof operation.