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movie advertisement

morita / movie advertisement


one-minute video advertisement consists of 3 parts: the first 2 parts depict the relationship between teeth conditions and lifestyle activities, while the last part shows how morita products help to improve dental health and consequently our life.

motion graphics are used to achieve clear visibility from a distance while creating a sense of familiarity even to viewers other than dental professionals who see and operate morita products on daily basis. the advertisement is displayed in front of a bus stop at kyoto station.

the style of illustrations omits details to enhance visual readability but retains characteristic silhouettes and movements to allow viewers to understand the appearances and functions of the products. it further helps to metaphorically express the relations between teeth, everyday life, and dental products.

careful selection of colors, optimized white space, and simplified shapes allow coherence with morita’s design language.


concept / script / illustration / art direction by f/p design

movie production by jpc