moonshot thinking for entrepreneurs 2023

last week we had an exhilarating time at the moonshot thinking for entrepreneurs 2023, organised by esade university and our design agency. this dynamic event, held from 9th to 13th july in munich, aimed to foster knowledge exchange on automation, innovation, scaling, growth, and networking. the program hosted talented start-up founders from spain and portugal, creating a vibrant atmosphere of collaboration.


the highlights included engaging talks, where we explored cutting-edge concepts and shared valuable insights. we also had the privilege of visiting prominent companies and high-funded german high-tech start-ups, including ibm, bmw,, ambright, reactive robotics, and agile robots.


in addition, we attended the tum entrepreneurship research institute, where we witnessed two promising start-ups, including  our client bugsense, pitching their groundbreaking ideas. while we didn’t organise this event ourselves, we were honoured to be present and offer support. the vibrant atmosphere of innovation and creativity left a lasting impression on us.


we extend our heartfelt gratitude to esade university and all the participants for making this program an enriching experience.

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