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when approaching a project, whether it is a single product design or a complex design language (dna) for a big corporation, f/p design always follows a certain procedure to bring your ideas to reality. the design process undergoes several phases of research, development, detailing and presentation. each service has specific process stages which you can read about at the following pages.

modern industrial products have to meet a variety of requirements and standards. f/p design supports companies in translating their products into sustainable options for different markets.

safe and simple use of complex systems requires a clear interface. f/p design creates user experiences (ux) and user interfaces (ui) to make product systems and products quick and easy to use across different cultures.

building, store and trade fair architecture clearly reflect a company’s identity. f/p design creates corporate architecture which brings corporate philosophies to life.

communication media and strong corporate design emphasise a company’s corporate identity and help create a clear recognition value. f/p design develops and produces unique, clear communication concepts and tools.

only those who can be recognised by their products, communication media and architecture can successfully build and manage a brand. f/p design develops custom design strategies and design languages to express a distinctive corporate identity.

f/p design shares knowledge and expertise by organising workshops and seminars in specific design topics for other people and companies.